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Celine Dion: "Veronica DiCaire, my friend"

posted Apr 10, 2011 20:52:50 by vallerault
Celine Dion: "Veronica DiCaire, my friend"
The singer and X Factor juror does leave more
Nothing was written. And yet. On a beautiful spring day in 2008, Rene Angelil, manager and husband of famous Celine Dion, discovered the talent of Véronic DiCaire (X Factor). A few weeks later, the young singer and mimic the opening act performing Taking Chances ... Celine Dion at Bell Centre in Montreal! They say there is no chance. This gives still want to believe in fairy tales ...
Celine and Rene in awe
"I was looking for an artist or for the first part of that Celine was going to give concerts in Montreal, Quebec and Ottawa as part of his world tour, said Rene Angelil. I asked my step-son, himself a comedian, I try to find someone capable of thirty-minute show before his arrival on stage. Obviously, it was necessary that this person is up to snuff, and Celine, and 20 000 spectators. A few days later he calls me and says: "I found. You do not know, but you'll be surprised. It is extraordinary." The next day I get a DVD that I watch with my wife. Véronic DiCaire imitated, among others, Celine. I think we've rarely laughed so much. This is how it all began. "

When DiCaire takes himself for Dion
It must be said that the young woman - 34 years, 1.75 m, slender, delicate face, blue eyes sparkling - is enough to convince. A voice to spook all the envy of the planet Rihanna song. Mimic a real talent - she is fluent 50 votes - and a furious desire for any small to look like Celine Dion that she likes to play each phrase. The first meeting? "In their golf club in Quebec, says Veronica. It was both very funny and very natural. Celine and I started talking imitation, and now she started to give me advice on how I had to move and speak. Basically, I tell you, she's the real comic. "

Rene Angelil in tears
Unable to override. Celine and Véronic are both Quebec, both born in families that also secured numerous - Celine is the youngest in a family of 14 children, the father of Veronica has 12 brothers and sisters who have themselves had to almost as many children. They have both met their Pygmalion to the age of 15 - Veronica has lived eighteen years with the man who became her agent. Finally, both are equipped with incredible energy, an iron will and a great talent. Two qualities that Angelil had not recovered since his meeting with Celine. "The evening's first concert in Montreal, said Veronica, Rene came to see us, Celine and me, and told us:" You know, ladies, I am always touched when I meet a real talent. " He cried. I think we had never made such a statement. I decided never to disappoint. "

Celine, the big sister
"Our relationship was professional first," said the young woman again. But it is clear that by dint of cross between two cells, the pure side job is quick to disappear. Today, we are slamming the wind, it invites itself to baptisms and say friends. We are even beginning to talk shoes, clothes and hair. "Is this a friendship begins? "Without doubt. But here, you know, you should never rush things. For me, Celine is a legend. What impresses me? His work. What fascinates me? Its ability, after all she has lived, still marveling at the smallest thing. She often said she also relives his childhood through the eyes of his son. It's a wonderful quality. What touches me? She behaves with me as a big sister, the kind that says "Do not worry, everything will be okay. Continue." "

Viva Las Vegas!
It continues in effect. With his show The Voice of others, the juror of X Factor has sold out this winter at the Gaite-Montparnasse in Paris and served two Olympia in January (it will return 3 and 4 June). Back in Quebec for the summer? "Yes," she says. I will finally spend a few days with family. And work on my new show. It will be a very American show. Hopefully, I will present it to Vegas in January 2012. And this is apparently the place to make a baby! The little will have joined the great. All under the watchful eye of Raymond and Rene agent producer. In short, a real family affair ...

Celine And in all this? The young mother took over his March 15 show in Las Vegas, with flexible hours. It will give half of concerts each year - 70 instead of 160 - but preparing two albums, including one in French, and already thinking about his next tour. Caught between caring for small and Nelson Eddy, the duties of Rene Charles, rehearsal and short hours of well deserved rest, she could not talk to us. "Next time, gladly," she advised.

Photos by Celine Dion and Véronic DiCaire to discover in your TV magazine to be published this Friday.

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